Aji Casero

From the very first days we visited Colombia, Joel was eager to purchase the little boiled potatoes you find here.  They usually come as part of a rotisserie chicken combo (pollo+ arepas+ platano+ gaseosa).  My introduction to Sogamoso included a evening stroll which terminated at one of the chicken restaurants. Having eaten a big lunch, we didn’t go for the combo. Actually, I ordered a personal pizza. And Joel?  Papas saladas.

The potatoes have enough flavor (and lots of salt) that you could eat them by themselves. However, one of the beauties of Colombian cuisine is the hot sauce that they have in little bowls on the restaurant tables.  In general, Colombian food isn’t really interesting as far as spiciness goes. This aji casero is the exception.  Good on potatoes, empanadas, and in soup (although the natives give you a strange look when you mention the idea).

Almost every Friday, Joel suggests that he go and buy a chicken. It is a good idea, because I’m usually busy running from one class to another. We also can get 2 meals out of a combo, plus some leftover chicken shreds for soup or what-not.

The bad thing, is that the little bag of aji they send along with the combo doesn’t go very far. So…I’m looking for a good recipe.  Here is a link to the one I plan to try tonight (minus the egg. Not sure where the cook got that idea.):

receta: aji

1 white onion
1 green onion
1 peeled tomato
sal to taste
1 T water
1 T apple cider vinegar
ají  (little green chiles)

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