Coffee Failure

If you’re in the market to invest in real estate, I know of a coffee finca that’s up for sale. Just think, 8,000 coffee plants, olympic-sized swimming pool, warm-weather escape in the Colombian mountainside…

We were invited to spend two days and a night at a friend’s finca in Fusagasuga in June. While the kids enjoyed splashing in the pool, Joel read his way through Kidnapped, and some of the rest of us took a walk around the property. The finca we visited is neighbor to the one on the market. Carmen’s finca only has 2 or 3 coffee plants.

Of course, when you travel, it is fun to find a souvenir. One of the things I took back to “civilization” was a handful of coffee berries.

But really, what do you do with so few berries? I cut them open to see what the beans looked like raw, washed them, then set them out to dry.

A few days later, I decided to experiment by toasting them. Then this afternoon, I “ground” them in our Oster blender (because we haven’t invested in a coffee grinder yet).

The coffee grounds looked more like chopped nuts. Nevertheless, I boiled some water just to see what would happen.

No big surprise, the water was light as tea.

If nothing else, I have an excuse to ask for an invitation to return for another weekend at the finca.

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