Remembering Greece

No. I’ve never been to Greece, or to any Mediterranean country. However, one of the ladies in our church lived in Cyprus for a while. Last week we were in the church kitchen and started talking about what kind of foods we liked. While I was trying to think up something interesting to contribute to the conversation, I remembered gyros. Mmmm—and that white sauce? I couldn’t remember anything about it, except that it was white. Name? Ingredients? Flavor?

Today I was searching the internet for lunch ideas. With students on vacation, the budget is a little bit tighter, so I was trying to see what ingredients I REALLY need to feed us for the rest of this week.  Of course, international cuisine isn’t where you should look when you are trying to save money, but… I ended up finding recipes for pita bread, tzatziki sauce (substituted sour cream for the plain yogurt) and a chicken dish (since we don’t have fond memories of when I tried to make lamb at home).

Tomorrow, I plan to put them all together for our lunch.  We will see what we will see. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any feta cheese at Exito.

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One thought on “Remembering Greece

  1. Karen Johnson

    Sounds yummy!

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