La Guama

When I was a kid, our neighbors had two trees in their front yard. Every year, the trees would shed pods of seeds. We would sometimes play with them, but I don’t remember any particular game.

Here in Colombia there are trees that shed pods as well. They are quite large and tough. Another difference is that the inside of the pods is edible. As we were stuck in a stuck in a Saturday afternoon traffic jam this past weekend, the street salespeople were passing with bundles of guamas.  The lady driving the car we were in is from our church, and she decided that we needed to experience this Colombian food. She paid 2.000COP and we were set.

When we finally made it back to our apartment, I twisted open one of the guama pods. Just as the ladies had described them, were the white cottony coated seeds. The flavor was sort of like coconut.The fun part for little girls, I’m told,
is to clip the big seeds onto their
earlobes for earrings.

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