Lulo Pudding Cake

Classic Lemon Tart is another title in the fruit recipe book that I received as a gift recently.  However, last time I made a lemon dessert, I got the idea that the flavor wasn’t a favorite among Colombians. When I stopped at the fruit and vegetable store, I scanned the various crates of fruit and pondered which would be the best substitute. Passion fruit? But I couldn’t remember the name in Spanish, or what it looked like. Perhaps Mango would work, but the fruit is stringy.  These sandy bright orange round guys…are they lulo, Mario’s favorite???

I ended up purchasing six lulos. The tart turned out kind of bland. Also, there was too much batter-liquid to pour into the 9″ tart pan, so I kept the leftovers in a glass jar in the refrigerator until this morning.

A light, fluffy cake was what I really was thinking of when I logged into I walked away with a lemon-pudding “cake” recipe, instead. The amounts of ingredients were similar to what I had in my leftovers jar, so I decided it was worth a try. I just added a bit more flour.

The result? Looks alright. Tastes kind of like a pumpkin pie.

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