Street Treat

After sitting in a colectivo (bus) for an hour and a half, cooking isn’t always the first thing on my mind. Anyway, there are all of those street vendors lining the sidewalks…

On our corner a family sets up a charcoal grill to cook their arepas. You can buy one plain, with cheese, double cheese, ham and cheese, double ham and cheese, or with chorizo.

Usually, the grill is surrounded by customers. Tonight, when I hopped off the colectivo and dashed across the street, I was the only one to stand by the glowing coals.

The woman took my order. She sliced open the large arepa and stuffed it with jam and cheese before returning it to the charcoal grill. A few minutes and a few flips later, she removed the arepa  from the grill, slathered it with butter then salted it before wrapping it up “para llevar” (to go).

Really, these aren’t very tasty, because of the lack of salt in the arepa, but that is nothing a bit of tabasco sauce can’t remedy.

Arepa con jamon y queso

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