In the Gripa

What can you expect when you teach snotty little kids that don’t bother to use tissues or wash their hands frequently? Or should I expect to have a stronger immune system after sharing the close quarters of public transportation for almost two years?

Last week, the inside of my ears started to itch, and I thought I had allergies. But when “it” moved to my nose and swelled in my glands, I had to admit la gripa had a hold of me.  That’s what they call a cold or the flu here. I still haven’t figured out exactly what they mean, because I always thought the flu meant vomiting. Anyway…

With colds come remedies: I had gargled with salt-water. I had squeezed oranges for juice. I had chopped mangoes, pineapple and banana for even more vitamin c.  Panela? Check. Tea with honey and lemon? Check. Beef (some article on the internet says beef is a good source of zinc!)? If hamburgers count ( :  Check!

Then yesterday one of my students gave me her husband’s remedy (which would please my father-in-law): a clove of garlic blended with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste so awful, but it did give me the chills as I took the first swig.

For lunch I had the favored chicken soup, and then thought about how to get some ginger and garlic into our diet. At first, I was going to make chicken stir-fry with ginger and sesame seeds. However, my foggy brain couldn’t figure out what vegetables to include. So, I ended up buying some shredded cabbage and carrots from the salad lady. There were some leftover crepes in the freezer, so I decided to see how they would do as a substitute for egg roll wrappers. They worked alright, but the texture wasn’t the same, and they really soak up the oil you fry them in.

I tried the recipe a second time. A different salad lady's cabbage mix included corn.

“Jolly Good Filling” ~ Joel

shredded: cabbage & carrots
chives (?) cebollin in Spanish
chopped white onion
minced garlic
sesame seeds
shredded, cooked chicken breast

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