A Rare Bit O’ Vocabulary

It’s back to ESL at the Rochas, and of course, that means every so often back into the kitchen with Pipe.

Rocha Bros. Gourmet

Last week we flipped through an old OSU cookbook and found a few recipes that had interesting names. We looked up words like “junket” and “rinktum ditty” before I showed him a blog article on Welsh Rarebit.  Whether he really thought the recipe looked tasty or if he just wanted to get to cook instead of sitting through a grammar lesson, I don’t know, but he asked if we could make Welsh Rarebit the next week.  His mom agreed to buy the necessary ingredients, so we were set.

Necessary Ingredients


Yesterday, after we looked at Pipe’s homework and decided what his next assignment would be, we got all of the ingredients organized. I sliced the onion (because he didn’t want to cry) and he sliced the French baguette.  Daniel chopped the sliced cheese and then sauteed the onion with the butter until it was soft. Pipe showed me that he had been practicing his egg separating skills. Then, we encountered a problem: no bottle opener.

Success: Pipe with the open bottle

The recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of beer, and Magda had bought a bottle rather than a can or box (She also made it clear that we were to drain what we didn’t use in the recipe down the sink). We tried with a few metal utensils in the kitchen. We looked on the internet for suggestions. Finally, Pipe got one of the neighbors to open it for him (I can only imagine what they were thinking.).



We stirred in the remaining ingredients, spread the gloopy (new vocabulary word) sauce onto the toasted bread, then returned the slices to the oven.

Welsh Rarebit

Not bad, if you are looking for something other than tomato with your bread and cheese.

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