Pink Soup

Remolacha. Repollo. Cebolla. Papa. Eneldo.

Yes, it’s time for more Spanish vocabulary. However, we aren’t learning how to prepare a Colombian dish.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends on Facebook mentioned that the family was eating Borcht. It sounded like a good idea, but I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get all of the ingredients. Beets? Check. Cabbage? Check. Onion? Of course. Potatoes? Take your pick. Dill weed? Now that might be a challenge.

However, one of my sisters saved the day and included a bottle of McCormick brand dill weed in a Christmas package that she mailed to us.

Last night I roasted, chopped, sliced, grated, boiled, sauteed and simmered vegetables.  Today we tried the Borcht and it turned out pretty good; next time I’ll cut the cabbage into a bit smaller pieces.

I mostly followed this recipe from the internet. However, I didn’t throw out the beet, and I added garlic, beef boulion, some apple cider vinegar and a few spoons of brown sugar.

You also might consider roasting the beet before grating it and adding it to the broth. Roasting is supposed to improve the flavor.

Serve with toasted rye bread.



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