Garam Masala

garam masala

One of the new visitors to our church has lived in Colombia for 20 years, but she is originally from Russia. We were both invited to some friends’ home for a Christmas Eve lunch. As we stood around the buffet table sipping hot, spiced apple cider, we began to talk about one of everyone’s favorite subjects: food.  Shawna asked Ludmila if there were any ingredients that were difficult for her to find here. Our new acquaintance said that garam masala was the one ingredient that she had to have friends mail from England.  Later in our conversation, she promised to bring me some to “probar” (try).  She fulfilled her promise this Sunday morning. I just have to figure out whether she meant to give me the whole glass jar or if I’m supposed to bring it back next week (We were speaking in Spanish).

I’ve not used this spice blend before, so I looked it up on Google. There are several posts about how to make it yourself, because apparently its shelf life isn’t very long.  So, if I like the stuff, I won’t have to mail-order it.

Would any of my readers care to share a recipe that they enjoy that includes garam masala?

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One thought on “Garam Masala

  1. I ended up stir-frying some zucchini, red pepper, onion and chicken breast. With half a lime’s juice and 1/2 teaspoon of the spice blend, we had a nice lunch. Today I’ll try it again to make sure.

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