Lomo en Salsa de Vainilla?

Home alone for lunch this afternoon.  So, I decided to treat myself and go out for lunch.  Many of the restaurants in our neighborhood have white or black boards hung outside their establishments to advertise the menu of the day.   The pescadaria was serving arroz con pollo, two others had plain grilled chicken or beef. Another said something that sounded to me like boiled or sweated beef…I didn’t stay to find out.  Recently, we have found Triana’s to be good all-around: service, ambiance, flavor, portion size, and of course…price.  Their board advertised the following:  Lomo en Salsa de Vainilla, Pollo Broaster, or Rollos de Carne in Vino.  I already had beef marinading in a red grape juice mixture at home, and the broaster sounded unhealthy, so I braved it and went for the vanilla-pork.  Pretty good, actually. I love tender meat.
This evening I Googled pork with vanilla sauce, but didn’t find too many recipes. Pork with fruit is popular, but not plain vanilla.  I should have paid more attention to the sauce while I was eating, but my eyes and ears were focusing on the t.v. (hung on the wall above the kitchen window) to practice Spanish.  I do remember that it had chunks of celery, but that’s about it.
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