Taking Chances

Leftovers in the fridge?

I had 1/2 c ricotta cheese, 3/4 c crema de leche and 1/2 c sour cream in the bottom drawer the other day. So I poured them in the blender with 3 eggs, some sugar and vanilla extract, along with a bit of flour, baking soda and baking powder…maybe salt?

No cookies to crumb for a crust, so I just poured it into a non-stick pan and baked it (no water bath) in the ocnvection oven for about an hour.

The week before, I had bought some Moras (similar to raspberries but big and seedy like wild blackberries?) and made a jam cooking them with sugar and leftover orange jell-o powder.  That worked out well for a fruit sauce.

Yay! It worked. 

WARNING! Taste your experiments before sharing with unsuspecting recipients.


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