Best Pizza in Bogota

Pizza isn’t the same in Colombia as it is in the USA.  You’re more likely to buy it by the slice, and the flavors are a bit different, even if the names sound similar.

I’ve found that Hawaiiana, Carne, Pollo y Champinones are the most common flavors. You’ll often find Mexican, Vegitarino and Margharita, too.

We’ve tried different flavors at different places, but the best without a doubt, is within walking distance of our apartment.  We go almost every week and order the same thing: 2 porciones de Mexicana y una botella de Quatro (grapefruit pop).

Our bill comes to 7.200 pesos   (about $3.60 USD? ) 

Don Pipe Gourmet Pizza

Cra. 48 No. 150 – 29 Local 2

Bogota, Colombia


Yes, Colombia does have Domino’s and Pizza Hut.  They have other big chains like "Jeno’s", "1969" and "Fuerte de la Pizza" but they’re expensive and not good enough to merit paying  8 times as much for.

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