Lime-y Orange-y Cabbage-y

I recently finished reading a book that related history during the time of great ocean voyages. It reminded the reader that there were times when sailors died for lack of vitamin c. The cure was found in sending limes and/or saurkraut for the crew members.

Yesterday, I "inherited" gripa (sore throat , runny/stuffy nose, etc.) from my husband if not from my students and friends.  Treatment had consisted of hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey, salt-water gargles, and hot cloths on the swollen glands. Just a few minutes ago, however, Joel came in the door with a bag of oranges: "to make you feel better!" 

Joel had been to a man’s house for breakfast. He and his wife live close to a place that grows oranges as well as coffee, and they had sent a bag of the fruit home with him.

If you’ve only grown up on concentrate, you don’t know the true definition of orange juice. Treat yourself sometime. It’s definitely worth it.


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