Worth the Trip?

I know of two places in Bogota that import tomatillos. One is a Mexican restaurant close to the Heroes exit. The other is a place called Bonga that is in Codabas in the North.  When either place receives a shipment, the product moves pretty quickly. You either need to be on a call list, or be lucky when you call to ask if they’ve got any in stock.  I was "lucky" this past Tuesday.  I bought 2 pounds, even though they cost 5.000 pesos per pound.  Jalapenos are also somewhat difficult to find in this city, so I added a few to my bill. Add the cost of transportation and time, and the little guys are rather expensive when you compare it to…let’s say, papaya, which was on sale at 700 pesos per pound.

I made a big batch of green sauce, but half of it is already gone: shared with students and people from church. The rest will act as condiment as well as ingredient in soups.

Green Sauce = blended: tomatillos, onion, lime juice, salt, jalapeno, cilantro

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2 thoughts on “Worth the Trip?

  1. Dawn

    I’D think living there you’d have all the same ingredient that we in CA have. We have a couple of Rick Bayless’s Authentic Cookbooks. There great.

  2. I went back this morning, and they raised the price to 7.000 pesos / libra. One of these days I might learn to argue about the prices, but I’m not really eager.

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