Happy Holiday

 Today is another holiday in Colombia. If you ask somebody which one it is, they probably won’t be able to tell you. Neither can I. Joel and I don’t work on Mondays, anyway, so it isn’t an extra day off for us. However, some friends have invited us to their house in Cota. We’ll have lunch with them. They’ve also invited one of their co-workers who is a neurosurgeon and his wife.

We "slept in" ’til about 6:30 this morning.  Often, during the week,  we get up before 5:30 and eat breakfast right away before heading out to teach classes. Since there will probably won’t be "onces" (a snack) between the first two meals of the day, Joel asked for "something skillet-y".


 I chopped up the two little potatoes I had, along with a green onion and a small tomato. These fried, then mixed with scrambled eggs worked pretty well.  I also tried a slightly different method for preparing arepas: Marcela suggested that if I used hot water, I didn’t need to wait overnight for the arepina to absorb the moisture. I also used costeño instead of campesino cheese.

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One thought on “Happy Holiday

  1. Dawn

    Love to read all your cooking stuff. Our tavern used to be a resturant and Leon and I are always trying out new recipies. We must have 100 or more cookbooks along with a ton of pots and pans! I used to live in India and they had holidays up the ying yang too. Dawn

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