Corona Cake


The temptation to purchase extra things at grocery stores is pretty strong. Stores don’t need to use clever marketing strategies to induce me to buy food, since I’m already in love with cooking. 

Some of the grocery stores here in Bogota go almost overboard with their offers of "gratis productos" if you purchase the item that they are advertising. I’ve fallen for a few of these offers: First, a chocolatera to heat the milk for hot chocolate. Another time I bought a particular brand of paper towels because it came with a generic tupperware container. Most recently, I bought two packages of Corona chocolate de mesa con azucar for the big mug that came in the box…not that we need any more: our kitchen cupboard is full of them (including two that came free when I bought Nescafe). You might think we would have a collection of superhero toys and stickers, but we aren’t big fans of breakfast cereal or Jet candy bars. . . and the World Cup soccer ball from Alquiera? They raised the price on the milk you had to buy, so I resisted.  Pony Malta T-shirt? Haven’t given into that either…we’re not big on wearing advertisements in public.

So, now I’ve got plenty of pastillas (bars) to make hot chocolate, but no cocoa powder to make hot fudge cake for Sunday’s dessert.  I decided to be terrible and substitute.  The result isn’t as decadently dark in appearance. Tomorrow we’ll find out how it tastes…

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