Questionable Crust

Mrs. Line shared an antedote with me a few weeks ago. Because her father is coming to visit next week, she decided to look through her old recipes and choose several that would please him.  One of the recipes she came across was written in her mother’s handwriting and had her sister’s name written as the source.  It was the instructions and not the ingredients that caused Mrs. Line to wonder. She explained to me that she was brought up with the traditional cut-fat-into-flour-then-add-cold-water method for pie crust (I was too.). Because the boiling water method seemed a recipe for disaster, she decided to call her sister.  When she related details of the situation and questioned if the recipe would produce a rather tough "pastry". . .  
Her sister recalled something of their past. "Crow’s Nest" was a dish that their mother often prepared (similar to apple crisp, I think.). Once, when the girls had grown up and had homes of their own, one of the daughters called to ask for the recipe.
"Crow’s Nest??? I’ve never made anything with such a name!"  was the mother’s reply.  The puzzled daughter called her sister to see if she was mistaken in her memory.  The other girl assured her that she was not and told her to ask their mother to look at the recipe cards that were taped to the inside of one of the kitchen cupboards.  Sure enough, the recipe was there with the title "Crow’s Nest". Mom’s memory apparently wasn’t as good as it used to be.
Now, "Mom" is no longer available to ask about the following pie crust recipe. Sister is afraid that she may be taking after their mom in forgetting her own favored recipes. There’s reason behind recording good recipes, no? 
The good news is that Mrs. Line tried the recipe and the crusts turned out just as good and flaky as they do with the traditional recipe.  The instructions also note that you can freeze balls of the extra dough for later use. 
You’ll have to take her word for it, though. I’ve not tried the recipe yet…and I only got a peek of the coconut cream pie that they ate that Sunday afternoon.
The pie crust recipe is:
1 lb. shortening (Crisco type is best)
5 cups flour
1 t salt
1 t baking powder
1 heaping T white sugar
Pour 1 cup boiling water over the shortening and stir until melted.   Whip until creamy.   Gradually add flour, while beating.   Beat in the salt, sugar and baking powder.   Roll out; or form into 6 balls and freeze for later use.



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