Gold of the Incas

Within the past month or so, both my mother and my husband mentioned quinoa.  I might have heard of it before, but because of the price, decided not to add it to our diet.  Couscous hadn’t been a success in Joel’s opinion, so I wasn’t  really excited about spending money on something similar that he would probably dislike as well. 
My mom had forwarded an email or a link about quinoa, because she had read that it was native to South America. If it’s native to your present country of abode, it should be cheaper, right?
Joel had mentioned it, because one of his students told him that quinoa was available at a panaderia not far from where we live. He couldn’t remember the exact address, though.
This morning I decided to take a walk before the sun’s rays made it too hot to enjoy. I headed toward Calle 147 and 19 not exactly sure what to look for. Should I look for a regular panaderia or a specialty one? When I reached the intersection, not all of the stores were open, it being only 8:30 on a Saturday morning.  The only thing promising was a small tienda on the corner of the shopping center. It was one of those stores that sells huge bottles of vitamins and other "natural" foods.  I peeked through the glass, but couldn’t be sure that any of the bagged grains were what I was in search of. 
I decided to head south on 19 just in case this wasn’t the place.  I might have been deterred by Panamericana or La Gran Manzana (bookstores along the way), but their doors weren’t open yet either. Before I turned around, I walked through Olympica (a grocery store) and was pleased to find some pan integral (healthy bread) as well as "Take-n-bake" ciabatta and pan Arabe (pita bread) at lower cost than some other places.
Later this afternoon, I decided to go to Surtifruver, because the tomatoes in our neighbohood’s fruit and vegetable markets were over-ripe.  At the front of the store was a kiosk that sells natural food/vitamins etc.  I decided to ask the lady if she "tienes quinua?". And she did.  Hooray! 5700 pesos for 250 grams. Who knows if that was a good price or not, but I would have the stuff and be able to form an opinion.
While I was at Surtifuver, I bought a bag of apples…thinking of apple pie, but satisfying myself with the idea of stove-top "baked" appples.
In the end, I produced sauteed apples with raisins, cinnamon-sugar and quinoa.
We’ll see how it goes over tomorrow at lunch.
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