Ants Climbing Trees


One of my students studied about the Zhou Dynasty this past week. Like many 13-year-old boys, Daniel won’t usually refuse an offer to eat food, even if it means helping out with the preparation. His mom agreed to bring the boys to our apartment this week so that we could make and enjoy "Chinese food" as part of the class.

I decided to keep the menu relatively simple: No frog or seaweed soup.  Egg rolls and fried rice were dishes that I knew wouldn’t be too intimidating, and the necessary ingredients wouldn’t be too hard to find in any country.  While I was looking for another entree that would focus a bit more on meat, I came across this website: Travel China Guide

A recipe using pork and noodles caught my eye, because of the name, Ants Climbing Trees.   In part of Colombia, people actually pay a lot of money for large ants that you can eat.  The ants in this Chinese dish, though, are just the pieces of browned pork.

While frying the vermicelli noodles, I wasn’t so sure it was going to turn out. However, everyone commented that they really liked it, there was none left over, and my husband told me to make it again! 

Of course, I didn’t follow the recipe ingredient for ingredient. Kids (as well as many Colombians) don’t usually like their food as spicy as I prefer. So, we left out the chili sauce. We also used chopped pork, instead of ground pork, because that is what Magda brought.


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