Worth It?

I stopped in a chain fruit & vegetable store on my way back from class this week, because I knew it would be easier for them to break a 50.000 than one of the little tiendas closer to our apartment. While wandering along the back wall, I noticed the asparagus standing straight and tall in a open, refrigerated case.  Earlier that day I had bought a package of shredded parmesean, and I remembered that Joel likes broiled asparagus with olive oil and cheese.  There wasn’t a sign with the price, but I thought it would be okay to splurge, even if it was more expensive than the more common vegetables (I had gotten paid for 2 hours of teaching that afternoon, because my student’s piano teacher had arrived late pushing my language class back).  Although it looked nice, bright and green, and the cheese was toasted nicely, the vegetable’s flavor wasn’t so great.  We both decided that the 6.000 pesos could be better spent on going out to eat (a full lunch with soup, juice, and the main course = 4.000 pesos each) next time I have pesos burning in my pocket.


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