Egyptian Handiwork

Christmas Eve Buffet: Jessica, a friend from childhood, recently returned from vacationing in Egypt. The above picture was one of the 400-so that she posted on Facebook.

My opinon of garnishes vascilates: although I firmly believe that the enjoyment of food is not limited to flavor, sometimes the time and effort put into appearance doesn’t seem worthwhile. These people knew what they were doing. Although much of the decoration wasn’t necessary, besides some of the cute, little birds, I don’t believe that they actually wasted a lot of the food. 

I wonder if you might say it is like people putting on fancy clothes.  Even the most beautiful woman can enhance her looks with a gown and jewelry. 

Would piles of vegetable dips be as appetizing, slopped on plates?  Would the guests be as mesmerized if they replaced the fruit lanterns with neon lights?


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