Pizza A La Plancha

Wednesday morning, I’msupposed to teach a mom and her two kids how to make pizza from scratch. They are my ESL students. Since they are on Christmas break, we decided to spend some time in the kitchen away from the textbooks and tutoring.
Of course, you should always go through your lesson plan ahead of time, so that you are familiar with what you want to present. My leftover rice that I had fried for supper hadn’t tasted so great, so I cleared off the counter and got to work.
While I was thinking about making the pizza, I remembered hearing that some people make theirs on a grill.  I don’t have a backyard-charcoal grill, but I do have a plancha. A plancha is a cast iron thing that you put on top of the stove. One side has ridges for grilling meat; the other side is smooth for frying arepas.
It isn’t unusual for an apartment to come without an oven here in Bogota.  We have a small electric convection oven, but electricity is much more expensive than gas so we try not to use it frequently.
To make a long story a little bit shorter, I decided to sort of follow this recipe from, but to use the stovetop instead of the grill.
Dear Daddy, this is the tablecloth that I finished hemming this morning.
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