Our favorite pizza place didn’t have the Mexicana variety on Friday, so we didn’t stay.
Instead we walked around the corner and accross the street and found a restaurant that sold arepas rellenas (filled). After trying to decipher the names of the different fillings, Joel chose chili con carne, and I picked carne desmechada.
Joel’s was what is sounds like: chili with meat. The waitress said it was picante. Joel testified that it was not.
Mine looked like shredded meat with pineapple, but the yellow part didn’t taste like pineapple. Dunno. One internet site suggests the following ingredients: Ajo, sal y pimienta, laurel y tomillo; Aceite, cebolla y tomate
In case you’re interested in trying them out, get off at Calle 146 and head west about 2-3 blocks. The restaurant is on the south side of the street. The arepas cost 2.000 each.  If you want two fillings, it will cost you 2.500 pesos.
We walked back to our neighborhood, but before climbing the five flights of stairs to our apartment, we decided to buy a "mil ojas" pastry at the local panedaria. The ownder warned us that they weren’t "hoy"  (today) so they wouldn’t be fresh. Instead we picked the pastry on the shelf below. It wasn’t bad: less flaky, but still filled with cream and sweet fruit something.
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