Le Paste: El Verdadero Sabor…!

Because of the way our schedules run, we like to take a break from cooking at home and make Thursday or Friday evening "Pizza Night". A 2-story "Pizza Y Lassagna Gourmet" place in the neighborhood just north of us has really good crusts, and we often order the Mexicana porciones there. However,this week, the ambiance of another restaurant was enought to merit our trying it instead.  


On my way to and from class twice a week, I pass this restaurant that serves Italian-style food. The fresh pasta caught my eye, but the flames in the open fireplace were what recently grabbed my attention.

Although they didn’t have the fireplace lit that night, there was a game of futbol on the television. They also had the place decked out for a Feliz Navidad. The nativity figures are next to Rudolph, between the two jars of pasta under the t.v.

The waiters and waitress were dressed nicely in tailored white shirts. The dining area was relatively quiet and comfortable; only one other couple was there, since 6 p.m. is still early for dinner (if you eat dinner) in Colombia.

Joel and I both ordered our usual Mexican pizza, but were disappointed.  Although you could see a few jalapenos, they didn’t give any kick. The crust was so-so. Joel said perhaps it would be better to order something else on the menu if we return.  Nice place, just not for Mexican pizza.

Le Paste

Calle 138 No. 57-71 Colina Campestre – Bogota, D.C.


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