Tocino: La Otra Carne Blanca

Often, vocabulary words don’t stick the first time (or second, third. . . ) you learn them. Repetition and use of the words in various situations can aid you.  Although I had purchased bacon-flavored mayonnaise and tasted bacon-flavored puffed (corn?)snacks, my mind wasn’t associating the Spanish word "tocina" with  our USA breakfast meat.
One of my stops while out on errands yesterday morning was at the small meat & dairy shop at the base of our apartment building. While waiting for the shop owner to weigh some mushrooms, I noticed that he had something new in the refrigerator case: something that looked like bacon.
"Como se dice ‘bacon’ in espanol?" ( I probably should have asked "Como se llama?".)  He looked puzzled at my question until I pointed at the pink strips behind the glass.
He replied, "Tocina," and my mind flashed a picture of a bag of bacon-puff snacks into my head. How could I have forgotten?
I asked for 2 pieces  just to try it out, and it came to about 25 cents.
Why wait for breakfast? Beef (hamburgers) AND Pork: it’s what’s for dinner.
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