Lord willing, we’ll get the keys for a 5th floor apartment today.  

Yes. The fifth floor with no elevator.  The good news is that the stores will deliver the big appliances "gratis". 

Since fresh fruit and vegetables are literally just around the corner, I suppose that some people in Colombia could live without a refrigerator.  Planning ahead and feeding other folks are hobbies of mine though, so we will be glad to will up our new 260L(capacity) Navera (fridge) Haceb (the name brand).

The man at Alcosto (similar to Costco in the USA) said that we have to wait 8 hours before we can plug it in.  It has something to do with the coolant settling, I would guess. 

Alas! We’ll have to try some of our new neighborhood’s parillas, panadarias, fruterias…

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2 thoughts on “Essentials

  1. Linda

    hmmm. I’ve never heard of having to wait 8 hours before plugging it in. I’ve heard to wait 24 hours after plugging it in, before you actually put food in, though. Looks like a nice fridge!

  2. Katrina

    I waited at the apartment until 7:30p.m. for them to deliver it, then gave up and went back to the Lines for the night. Joel called the store when he got back from work. It turns out that they sold us a refrigerator that they don’t have…in stock. We’ll have to make another trip to the store for them to reverse the credit card charge. That’s okay, though, because they have a sofa esquina and a card table set that we want to order. We’ll have to see if they’ve got really got more than the ones one display.

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