Forts of the Pizza: Tasty & More Delicious

  We didn’t sign the contract for our apartment this afternoon, but we did make a few big purchases (mattress & refrigerator). 
  On our way back from Alcosto this evening, we decided to stop at one of the locales for something to eat.  The many times that we had walked past Los Fuertes de la Pizza, Joel had noticed that they also listed hamburgers on their menu board.  Andres Gourmet around the corner was highly recommended, but Joel still wasn’t ready for the roadside stand, even if it was on someone’s patio.
  He ordered 2 hamburgers. There aren’t a zillion different types… just hamburgers. So, we sat down to wait for them to prepare them: para llevar (to go).
  A business man came and placed his order after us. The lady baked his piece of pizza. He ate it and drank a bottle of Pepsi, paid and left before our hamburgers were ready. Let’s just say that this isn’t a fast food joint. 
"What won’t they think of? They’ve got egg on it."
"Something’s just not quite right… would you ever order it again?"
bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, hard-boiled egg, sweet-thin ketchup, mustard (?), etc. 
Well, the least you can say is that it’s got flavor. 
Hopefully it won’t have anything more to say tomorrow.
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