The Country House : Hamburguesas Restaurante

I’ve heard that when people return to Colombia after having visited the USA, they lose 5 lbs. When you look at all of the deep fried foods at the street side food carts, you might wonder. Certainly all of those white breads, arepas, hot dogs loaded with toppings, french fries and bottles of soda/pop  wouldn’t contribut to weight LOSS…  Probably the fact that most people do a lot more walking for transportation is the biggest factor. Abundance of fresh fruit could be the second?
Another thing that I’ve noticed is that although the hamburgers are quite large, they don’t have much flavor. I’m guessing it is because they don’t have much fat in the meat.  When I’ve cooked ground beef at home, there isn’t much fat to drain off. I"ll have to add seasoning in the future to make up for it.
Friday night we walked around town with the idea that we would scope out some neighborhoods for a place to live before meeting a friend for coffee.  We weren’t to arrive at her apartment until 8:30 so we also looked for a place to eat.  We avoided the weekend club crowd and ordered hamburgers at this Country House. The food was okay, but the meat, as I mentioned before, was pretty tasteless. 
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