El Chilito Tortillaria

We had the day off in order to prepare for our final exam with ISSO…actually, it might have had something to do with our instructor getting a tan sprayed on for her belly dancing "recital".  Whatever the case, we took the opportunity to do a bit more exploring of the Candelaria section of Bogota.  Although we’ve been warned to be careful in this part of town, tourists (and natives) should not shy completely away. It is an old part of town that still has beautiful architecture. The shops and restaurants that line the narrow streets have much more character than the tiendas in other neighborhoods.
We borded the Transmileneo around noon, so by the time we arrived at our destination we were pretty hungry. We got off at Las Aguas and could see the cable car ascending the mountain to Monserrate.  Our ascent wasn’t quite so steep: we just walked up about one block before Joel spotted a Mexican restaurant.  Yay! Thin corn tortillas! Tacos al pastor! 
Downstairs, there were just two stools at a bar against the window a few feet from the cash register. Much of the wall is covered with the menu written in red, white and green (Viva Mexico!?). However, you could see a spiral case of metal stairs toward the back of the narrow front room.  After we ordered our lunch and paid, we gave the receipt to the cooks behind the counter and headed upstairs with our beverages.
The place was deserted. Usually that isn’t a good sign, but in our case it just meant that we are strange Americans that eat lunch too early.  The dining area quickly filled up.
The music was a little bit too hip for me, but there aren’t many "establishments" that don’t play pop stuff these days.
Joel was a bit surprised that the lunch didn’t inlude more. In Colombia the midday meal is the big one and usually is overloaded with starches. Our plates didn’t have any sides. 
I was happy with mine, although it wasn’t what I pictured as quesadillas when I placed my order.
Price: not too bad for Mexican. We paid 21.900 for two lunches and two beverages. 
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