Choose Your Own Adventure


This is your invitation to expand your repertoire of fruit juice experience. 

 Proximity to the equator is a factor in the price of the fruits, perhaps, but I wouldn’t say that distance from there is an excuse anymore. International grocery stores have been popping up in many USA cities. Mounds of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables are sitting there, begging to be purchased.  Many of the fruits can be used to make juice. . . if you know how to get at the edible part. 

Some you peel with a paring knife.

Others just need to be split in half so that you can spoon out the juicy center.

Place equal amounts of pulp and water in the blender. Run the blender at medium speed (yes, remember the lid) in order to separate the liquid from the seeds. Strain the mixture, rinse any seeds out of the blender container before returning the fruit liquid.

A recipe that I read in a Colombian cookbook says to add 1 c of sugar and enough water to make 2 quarts.  It it a lot like making lemonade, because without the sugar, your beverage will be quite sour. 

Now, run the blender again. You will end up with froth on top and a thick juice below.  If you don’t serve it immediately, you’ll want to stir it before pouring it into glasses since it will probably separate a bit.



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