Red, White & . . .

If I didn’t have a Facebook account, I might not immediately remember that USA Independence Day should be celebrated this weekend.
However, we managed to celebrate with some American food in one of the more expensive restaurant neighborhoods in Bogota.
Can you guess where we went?
First Clue:  Part of the decor above our table (yes, in English in Colombia)…
Second clue:  The part of American restaurants that we don’t sit in . . . 

Third clue: Does this shed any light. . .



Final Clue:  I can’t magnify the evidence more than this!


Yup. T.G. I. Friday’s. 

The Asian Nacho appetizer was a little bit sweeter than Joel preffered.  It came with plastic gloves,  rather than wet-wipes.

Joel took longer than usual to decide what to order. He ended up choosing the blackened chicken sandwich.  I got 4 riblets with apple coleslaw.  Both plates came with "American" fries, but we think that they still used Colombian potatoes.

The decor was very similar to what you would expect to see at TGIF in The States, but the atmosphere was a bit different. A few of the waitresses had Mickey Mouse ear headbands on. Ours had black fishnet hose and a short skirt. I wasn’t suprised to see that the buttons pinned onto her shirt had playboy bunnies… Happily, she didn’t try to flirt.

Well, back to the food!  Joel said the chicken was the right texture. Although it was a whole piece of chicken breast (not shredded or sliced), it came apart easily when he bit into it.  The ciabatta bread was also just about perfect: neither too crunchy and dry, nor tough and rubbery.  The meat on my ribs didn’t fall off, but it was pretty tender. Again, the sauce was a little bit sweeter than what I would serve, but it wasn’t bad.  The apples in the slaw were tasty, but I was getting tired of cabbage after eating alot with the Asian nachos.  Overall, we stuffed ourselves and were satisfied with the food.

Hurray for the Red, White & Blue!






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