We’ve been in Bogota for just over a month now. Although we plan to stay here, we can’t really settle in until after we finish our TEFL training. Our class schedule makes it difficult to eat meals at "regular" times.  Another factor is that we sleep in later…we think we are more tired because of the altitude? Confused
This morning we had our first meal at 9:30a.m.

Then a cono de helado (ice cream) for me and tinto (black coffee) for Joel at 11:45 a.m., because we got to class 20 minutes early.
We found out that our teacher was infermo, so we decided to find one of the big libraries in Bogota before we returned home.
At 3 something, I threw almost everything we had left in the fridge ( I need to go shopping again) together to make chorizo fried rice.
Then Joel asked for some of the left-over zuchinni brownies to go with his 5th(?) cup of coffee.
An hour or so later, he decided that tomato soup and toasted cheese would be good, so we made our way through the neighborhood to a cooperative and a cheese store.
After that, I blended some juice from a fruit that I don’t remember the name of along with some lime and pineapple.
Hopefully, we won’t need a midnight snack.
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