Mexican Sopes en La Macarena


 At the beginning of class on Friday, we learned about another part of Bogota. Our teacher and one of our classmates suggested that the restaurants in La Macarena had more charm than the ones around the school and in our neighborhood. This afternoon, we took the Transmilenio to Calle(?) 26 to see what sort of cuisine we would find. Most of the businesses in the first few blocks that we traversed were closed. The quiet reminded me of our early days exploring downtown St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday mornings.  We walked one direction, then another (I think East and West?), before gaining our bearings at the National Museum. Still, the restaurants didn’t appear so charming. It wasn’t until we followed a steep sidewalk toward the mountains that we found the right street. First, we passed several establishments with patios with table clothed tables and sturdy chairs. Argentinian, Italian, etc. At the next block, Joel crossed the street to look at the menu of a place that sold Wrap sandwiches, when I saw the sign for the particular restaurant that Claudia had recommended: Rice Food.  As I snapped a photo of that place, Joel found an irresistable hole-in-the-wall. Upscale, Mexican, with al pastor meat…and it was comida rapida (fast food). 


He ordered sopes. I was expecting sopa (soup), but it turned out to be like a small thick tortilla topped with meat, sauce, lettuce, cheese, and what-not.



The meat had the flavor of the pineapple that it cooked between on the rotisserie, but it was not unpleasant. The serving was small, but not dissappointingly expensive like I found fancy "French" food on our honeymoon almost 10 years ago. Maybe we’ll come back to try their tortas, but first we’ll have to check out the other places next door and down the way. La Macarena may not be the easiest place to find, but it looks like it has a lot to offer.

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