International Immitation

   Lunch in Bogota

A little over a week ago, my husband and I enjoyed seven days in Colombia, South America. It had been twenty-two years since he had walked through the Andean towns of his childhood. He was happy to be able to treat me to the perfect Colombian potatoes that I had only heard him recollect, and was pleased to show me what how fried plantain was supposed to taste.

At first, I wasn’t impressed with the chewy fries that came with our meal at the bus station in Bogota. However, when we had American fries at Chili’s in Orlando on the trip back, you couldn’t deny that there was a difference in flavor.

The beef there may have been cheap and plentiful (too big of quantities, almost!), but it was very tough and grissly. Dinner in Tunja

  Yesterday, I pulled some chuck steak out of the freezer to see if I could do better.  A combination of lime juice, olive oil, and Canadian steak seasoning was sufficient to marinade the meat for perhaps 15 minutes. Meanwhile I threw some seasoned steak fries into the oven and sliced up the ripe (black on the outside) plantain.

I waited too long to decide to saute onions, so they weren’t very tender, but the steak was a success (pan fried!).   My Meal in Minneapolis

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