Cheese Blues

This evening I decided to try a recipe for Queso Blanco. Since I was using Whole milk that was pasteurized and homogenized (contrary to what the recipe recommended), I decided to try half of a batch.

8 cups of milk heated to 185* F.

Add white vinegar and allow to set 5 minutes until curds begin to form.
Add salt and minced jalapeno. Transfer to colander lined with cheesecloth. Allow to drain for 15 minutes.
Here’s another of my mistakes. The recipe said to put the curds in a open ended mold over a draining mat. The only hole-y matte I have is a blue, wooden sushi placemat. Beneath the weight of a glass container of rice and a ceramic coffee canister, the curds were pressed into the blue wood…absorbing the color.
I continued, nonetheless, to see what would happen.
The cheese did not really solidify. It was still grainy several hours later, having been pressed beneath a new set of weights: several reference cookbooks.
At the end of the day, the flavor was non-existent.
Needless to say, I disposed of the cheese, rather than claiming to have invented nuevo queso azul.

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