Moving Toward Mizithra

I read some more in The Cheese Bible and found out that Mizithra (the cheese that Joel is fond of getting at The Old Spaghetti Factory) is made with whey cheese. Naturally, I HAD to Google for more information. One site had instructions (with typos that weren’t terribly encouraging as to the validity of them) that said to add 2 t acid to 1 cup of whey. Soo, I ran to the stove and heated 2 cups of whey-water. When it came to a boil, I turned off the heat and added 4 t lemon juice.  It set uncovered for 10 minutes on the (now cooling) element. The grainy liquid swirled in the pot without a human hand’s movement. 
The whey doesn’t solidify as much as the milk had for mozzarella making. When I poured it into a yogurt strainer (you could use cheesecloth) I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t all pass through. A little bit stayed, though. I reheated, cooled, and strained the whey 3 times before ending up with perhaps 3 T of white spreadable "cheese". After a night in the refrigerator it seems thicker. I also added salt afterward (some one had mentioned iodized salt being a problem to the process unless you waited until the end).
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One thought on “Moving Toward Mizithra

  1. Katrina

    Apple cider vinegar worked as an acid in place of lemon juice, too.

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