From Milk to Mozzarella

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from one of my friends. She wanted to know if I could join her and her two girls the next morning to try our hand at making mozzarella. They had recently spent a day on a farm in the Granite Falls vicinity and had been sent home with plenty of milk, citric acid, and renet. The only thing they didn’t have was a thermometer that would register 90*F.  I accepted the invitation and set out to the library to do a little bit of research on cheesemaking. (Actually, in the past year I had bought a packet of renet tablets and thrown them away, because I was afraid I would fail and poison someone with whatever moldy milk product I would create. )
The girls were just finishing their lunches when I arrived, so they told me about their adventures with the farm animals, etc. before we got started.  The recipe claimed that we could make cheese in 30 minutes. It took us about twice as long, but we weren’t in a hurry. One gallon of milk was supposed to make 3/4 lb of mozzarella cheese. . . so, depending on the price of milk in your area, this may just be something to splurge on for fun, rather than a money-saving task. 
If you are interested, you can buy a kit online for $25 or try to find the ingredients elsewhere.
Here is a link to one site that explains the process: Ricki’s Magic Mozzarella
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