Whole Foods Market is not on my list of weekly stops for groceries. However, when I do happen to wander through, I especially enjoy the samples in the cheese section. Several times I’ve had fig preserves. I can’t remember which smooth, white cheese spread they paired it with, though. Not goat cheese…perhaps creme fraiche?
If my sister weren’t bringing a stockade of cookies for Christmas, which includes another fiber-rich ingredient: dates, I might be tempted to try a recipe for cookies with a pecan-fig filling.
T.J. Maxx & Marshalls is another store that I do not frequent. The gourmet (overstocks or plain losers?) section is where I stop. Usually I’m looking for berry tea that isn’t a "zinger" and chocolate-raspberry flavored coffee.  My most recent purchase was this glass tumbler of fig preserves for $3.99. Too bad I don’t have a classy party to take baked brie to. . .
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One thought on “Pairing

  1. Katrina

    Oh! Mascarpone and Gingersnaps ( :Another site recommended blue cheese & thinly sliced Bosch pear with the fig preserves.

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