Steak and Peanut Sauce with Pasta

stir fry ingredients and pastastir fry ingredientsmeat and vegetables stir fry

Success! Contrary to Deborah’s opinion on Facebook, the "poor steak!" turned out nicely.

With eggs and mini lemon tarts, we ate all but one of the steaks at our book & breakfast group last Saturday morning. So this afternoon I plugged in the George Foreman and grilled the last lonely piece of beef after soaking it in soy sauce for a few minutes. When the tell-tale clicking began, I unplugged the grill, pulled the steak onto the cutting board and sliced it. While boiling the whole wheat spaghetti, I cut the red pepper, zuchinni and green onion into strips.

A little bit of sesame oil with lime-flavored olive oil worked to stir fry the vegetables. The peanut sauce warmed well when about 1/2 cup of it was added to the drained pasta. Next, I added the sliced steak to the vegetables along with a dash of salt, ginger, garlic powder (my "fresh" bulb was bitter), and red pepper flakes. With the pasta and peanut sauce stirred in, and some sesame seeds sprinkled on top, the meal was complete.

Joel complimented me by claiming that it was better than the Mongolian Beef that we had at Shuan Cheng in Dinkytown on Tuesday. The only fault was that I didn’t make enough for a second helping.


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One thought on “Steak and Peanut Sauce with Pasta

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