Feel Like Chicken Tonight?

curry powder

The woman cashier at the Asian market in Brooklyn Park recommended this "bell brand" for its "smell" aroma.

She said chicken curry with carrots & potatoes, or other fishmeat with basil & rice or any kind of noodle.

Tonight I plan to use chicken, onion, and zucchini. Joel will want Jasmine rice.


curry blue light tile 

What package, bottle, envelope or box doesn’t come with directions or a suggested recipe, these days?

I decided to follow the instructions for once, so that I would have an excuse if it didn’t turn out.

Butter, onion, chicken, curry powder…sauted.

Add water and allow the sauce to thicken to the desired consistency. Add coconut milk.

The woman was right. The aroma of the curry was sweeter than incense rising to the heavens (well, maybe not quite…).

The zucchini lost it’s texture, having spent time in the freezer, so I added peas instead.

Rice: Jasmine for Joel, Brown for Beanie.

And a sprinkle of cashews to top it all off.


The curry was missing depth of flavor. Spicy hot but thin.

Try, try again.

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One thought on “Feel Like Chicken Tonight?

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