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When I logged into Facebook this evening, Monica’s status said that she is taking an antibiotic for a virus. I noticed that my inbox had a new message, which had a little more information from her. She asked if I had a recipe for smoked salmon sushi that I had given to her. The things people ask for when they are ill…

Smoked salmon sushi? Had I brought it home from WFM? No. It was from years ago at MCTC. So, I went to my small brown file cabinet that is in one of our closets. My "Pantry" file held the requested recipe. She got the scanned image of the two pages a few minutes ago, but I decided to practice my typing in order to share with everyone here.



The mixture of sweet/sour sticky rice used as the basis of almost all Raw/cooked presentations


Used to describe a variety of fresh seafood

Maki Sushi

A rolled sushi containing rice/vegetables and/or seafood

Nigiri Sushi

Hand formed rice ball with a slice of seafood on top

Inari Sushi

Soybean pouch filled with sushi rice

Temaki Sushi

Hand rolled sushi

Chirashi Sushi

A bowl of sushi rice topped with vegetable or seafood

California Roll

Nori Maki with Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Mayonnaise

Sushi Condiments


Sold in powder or paste form, wasabi is grated Japanese horseradish root and is extremely hot. A little bit goes a long way.

Pickled Ginger or "Gari"

Used not only as a condiment but also as a palate cleanser in between selections. It has a sweet intense flavor and is very refreshing.


A slightly milder version of soy sauce. A great foil for wasabi.

Shopping for Sushi

Asian Grocery

United Noodle

2015 E 24th ST

Mpls, MN



Coastal Seafood

2330 Minnehaha AV

Mpls, MN


Page Two

Sushi Rice

4 C. Sushi Rice, do substitute Jasmine or other short grain rices

4 C. Water

3 oz Rice wine vinegar

3 T. Sugar

1 t. Salt


Place rice in a bowl and rinse it under running water, drain. Place the rice and the measured water in a pan and cook on the stove on low heat until all of the water is absorbed, about 40 minutes.

While the rice is cooking, place the vinegar, sugar, and salt in a small pan and bring just to a boil, remove from the stove.

Place the cooked rice in a wooden bowl and gently stir in the vinegar mixture. Fan the rice as you do this to facilitate cooling. The rice should be warm for sushi, not hot.

Shiitake Mushrooms

24 Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

1 cup Tamari

1 cup Mirin (Sweet rice wine)

1. Soak mushrooms in hot water until tender. (1 Hour)

2. Squeeze excess water out of mushrooms, pull stems and julienne

3. Slow cook mushroom in a pan with the soy and rice wine until all the juice has been absorbed.


4 bunches of spinach

1. Wash spinach and blanch in boiling water.

2. Rinse under cold water and squeeze out excess water


8 eggs

Tamari and Sugar

1. Mix eggs with a little Tamari and sugar

2. Spread the eggs thinly in an oiled fry pan and cook until done

3. Cool and julienne thinly

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