This morning I was listening to another Teaching Company lecture from their Biology: The Science of Life  series.
Professor Stephen Nowicki talked about genes and inherited traits.
While his illustration centered on the Augustinian Monk, Mendel, and his pea plants, my topic today will be my Mother and her popcorn.
Saturday evenings, Mom would pour oil into the bottom of a big, metal pot . She would then sprinkle enough corn kernels in to cover the bottom
before sealing the top with the lid. Once the popping started, she would shake the pot. When the noise began to die down,
she would take the pot to the faucet and run cold water over the outside bottom and sides to keep the corn from burning.
Usually we melted butter in a measuring cup and drizzled it over the fluffy white pop corn.
We each took a cereal bowl-full for ourselves. Mom kept the big pot for herself and cradled it in her lap while we watched
an old movie on WOSU channel 34.
Do you think that an affinity towards eating popcorn is dominant or recessive?
The ratio should be 3:1 and there are 5 of us kids…
IF there even is such a thing as a popcorn liking gene!Girl
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2 thoughts on “MOMcorn

  1. Linda

    I did NOT inherit the love of popcorn gene.  It passed over me entirely.  blech.  🙂

  2. Unknown

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