New Friend

Any time we get more than a few inches of snow, brightly colored notices appear, slipped under the apartment doors and scotch taped to various surfaces in the rest of the building.
Emergency Snow Plowing at 9 a.m. 
The problem isn’t that I don’t want to leave the apartment "early" in the morning. The difficulty is that the library doesn’t open until 10 a.m., and if I go to a store, restaurant, or coffee shop, I’ll probably spend money. 
Today, I still had a few groceries that I needed to cross of the list of things for our retreat this weekend at Granite Falls. When I walked in to Cub, the florist "department", immediately to my left, was well stocked with boquets. A few steps further in, the shelves of left over Valentine’s Day candy were not. Perhaps this was a good thing. Dark chocolate Yes! …cordial cherries NO!. Marshmallow peep Yes! …hearts NO! . Milk chocolate No thank you. Dark chocolate kisses…strawberry??? cherry???
I squatted down to see what was on the bottom shelf. Pushing aside an empty cardboard box, I found what I was looking for. Just dark chocolate kisses (sure, it’s Hershey’s, but it’ll do).
Upon first perusal of the produce section, I didn’t find the baby bananas or crated clementines that would complete my retreat shopping needs. Should I just buy oranges? No. That isn’t even a question to consider when shopping at Cub in Minnesota in winter.
I wandered a bit longer, wondering about the frozen pizzas, diet meals, and Texas toast.
Do not buy the egg rolls! You know you will be disappointed!
Okay. OKAY! …
I spent some more time in the grocery store, but not long enough. It was ten minutes ’til the library doors would open when I drove up to return some borrowed materials. When I turned onto 67th Ave N, the street was lined with salt licked vehicles. Cedar Towing was still removing vehicles from our apartment lot. It was obvious that the truck wasn’t going to finish plowing any time soon.
Hmmm. Half Price Books or Arc Value Village?  I’d already been to Crystal the day before, so I turned the car back towards Brooklyn Blvd.
This is what I found.
elegant squat creamer
The two times that we’ve stayed in hotels in countries with names that begin with the letter "I", we’ve eaten our breakfasts in their restaurants. They bring your coffee or hot water for tea to you in small stainless steel pots. When I wandered around Limmerick, one of the stores at Arthur’s Quay had a set for sale. I told myself that I would purchase it if we got to move there.
Today, this thing-a-ma-bob on a shelf in the brick-a-brack & nick-nack section at the thrift store caught my eye.
Soup? Syrup? Creamer? It seems to have a double wall…for insulation.
When I Googled insulated stainless steel creamer, the internet brought me to a site with a picture of a similar product.
Yes. It is a creamer. Hurray!
I’m not so sure about the description, though. Do the words "squat" and "elegant" fit together well in your mind?
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