Pagan Roots

Yup. It’s still November and I’m pretty much set for the holidays. Cards are stamped and addressed, lights are hung, gifts are wrapped. All we need is for the parking lot forests to be set up so that we can choose the tree. Rough Draft
One roll of wrapping paper that I purchased this year has patterns of the traditional holiday plants: holly, mistletoe, and one that doesn’t usually come to my mind: rowan.                                                                                                                                               sorbus
Rowan also happens to be my endocrinologist’s name, so I did a little bit of internet research this morning.
Google it up for some pagan myths and traditions.
I also searched for a recipe for Rowan Jelly to share, but most of them come with metric values.
For all you hunters out there, rowan jelly is supposedly a good side with game.
Andrea, check out the roast squirrel here!
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One thought on “Pagan Roots

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