I am No Merchant

Behind the Brookdale library, the walkways shimmered in the twighlight. Last night’s storm has flooded the paths that we sometimes travel.  Instead we turned around and crossed the Shingle Creek Parkway bridge that passes over 694.  There is a restaurant that was once ChiChi’s then Coyote Grill that is now abandoned: for sale or lease. The interior has nice blue and yellow tile, a central bar and mirrors at some of the booth walls to make the room seem to extend further.  Location, location, location, though is its downfall.
After our brief walk in the now cool, dare-I-claim "autumn" air, we were greeted at our apartment by a blinking "1" on our answering machine. Perhaps someone is calling to cancel their reservation for the morning discussion on Beowulf (and breakfast of steak & eggs with hash browns). Perhaps the Whites want to do something with us on their Friday family night…
No. It was Todd Mitchell: always an interesting one to receive a phone message from (I wonder how many hits this entry will get from unsuspecting people "googling" his name).  The one and only coffee shop in Granite Falls is up for sale. Anybody want to fund us so that we can take it over?  
 I’ve got books.
  I’ve got a certificate in culinary arts.
    Joel has been a fast food manager…
Ah to dream. But surely it would be a nightmare!Wilted rose
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2 thoughts on “I am No Merchant

  1. dm

    Lori and I always dream about possible ownership of a Starbucks, or a Culver’s.  Have you heard of Culver’s?  You’re right about the "location" aspect of the business.  Having a place near a campus would be great if it was the RIGHT restaurant!  The problem would be rent / lease payments.  Because those locations seem to be in high demand, you sometimes might have to pay a higher payment in your rent / lease.  Also, during the summer months, those businesses seem to be very slow.  Turn over for employees is high, as well!
    If you ever decide to go that route, I would suggest a nice family style restaurant near a shopping mall that is near enough to get good traffic, but not too close for the high rent / lease payments.  Malls are notorious for high rent / lease, too!

  2. Katrina

    Culver’s? Yes. But Joel and I have not tried the butter burgers neither the ice-cream-of-the-day. When Linda was here in July, our friends took her out for lunch before picking me up from work. The funny thing was that Linda and the Whites overheard another customer chatting about, of all places, Graeter’s Ice Cream. I probably only went to Graeter’s 2xs in my life. It was the hot-spot after concerts at CBC whether for school or church choir. The "parlor" was kity-corner from our dentist’s office. We always admired the brick sidewalks…
    If you are interested in moving to California and don’t have a problemb selling wine and beer in addition to coffee and simple food, there is a coffee shop up for sale. They are asking $225,000 and rent including utilities is $250 \ month.  Something doesn’t sound right, huh? California with those kind of prices? Fishy…

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