Pizza Pots

Dad shared this picture with me.  Last night he and Mom took these snacks to BIO for their break. They don’t like to take sweets.
Dad said that he fried the pepperoni, and they curl up into a hat similar to the effect you get with bologna. He then placed a dollup of cheese spread into each cup. While we were talking on the phone he had them in the oven at around 250*F (?) trying to get the cheese to melt.
The attractive presentation also includes celery with peanut butter.
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2 thoughts on “Pizza Pots

  1. Todd Mitchell

    This reminds me of something the Paulsons brought to our place once — pepperoni with some kind of spinach/cream cheese filling. I can’t remember if we got the recipie but it was phenomenal. The Paulsons are over at

  2. Katrina

    In answer to your question: Well, I made twenty-eight of them along with the celery and peanut butter. There were twelve of us at class last night and we brought six home. One fellow said that we did not need to ask him twice. He ate at least his two, maybe three. I think that everyone had at least one. Your mother ate several and surprised me by saying that she liked them. She said since she could not eat pizza, that maybe this would be her ‘pizza’.
    So, I did not hear any complaints and no one asked for the recipe. Although they did want to know what they were.
    The cheese spread that I used did not melt, so they did not look as appealing as I would have liked.
    Feel free to experiment. Maybe you can win a contest. Ha Ha.

    Love you both,


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