My Kind of Place

In an effort to find the last 5 post cards I need to mail to the states, we drove to Saltillo. After wandering through the markets and tramping around downtown, we stopped for lunch before heading home to Monterrey. From the outside, the restaurant almost looked like a jungle; palms, aloe vera, flowers and vines surrounded the building. Old tile led the way up a few stairs and inside. In addition to the polished wood and the white fabric table cloths, the dining room was decorated for the holiday.  They also had a "42" made out of chiles and onion bulbs to celebrate their anniversary. On the way to the bathrooms (that were stocked with a decanter of Scope mouthwash, on a silver tray), old wooden clocks lined the hallway above a beautiful upright piano. 
As for the food…
The waiter (not dressed in khakis and a polo or t-shirt) brought out a basket lined with a cloth napkin that hid 2 small loves of fresh bread. He also presented us with bowls of tri-colored tortilla chips, red salsa, pickled (?) carrots, and a pewter wine glass filled with lime halves.
We were all quite satisfied with our meals. Mr. Z had fish almondine with cream. Mrs. Z had chicken in mole with rice, Joel had chopped up beef of some sort with warm tortillas and refried beans. Mine was probably the most expensive at $150 pesos. Skirt steak, one enchilada, refried beans and guacamole. Flavorful and fluffy (not sticky), the rice was excellent without any sauce. The guacamole was salty, but when paired with the meat and beans, was pleasant ( my sore throat was craving spice and salt anyway). Because the enchilada was cold and the cheese was chunky rather than melted to a smooth texture, it was somewhat disappointing.
After clearing our empty plates, the waiter brought us one more treat. Mrs. Z and I guessed that the orange dulces were sweet potato flavored. We couldn’t decide what the ginger colored sweets were; they just tasted like sugar.  Soft yet not gummy, these sweets were deceptive with their crystalline appearance. It was hard to resist more than just a taste of each.
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