When given the option, Joel chose to travel east. East turned out to be a Holiday Inn about 2 hours outside of Monterrey.  China is the location of Presa el Cuchillo, a water resivor for Monterrey. We listened to some of Rush on the way out. After walking around the hotel and its grounds, we decided to hit a restaurant on the way back, rather than wait for the cooks at Hacienda Don Carlos to whip something up. The dining room was empty. Three Mexicans (?) along the road gave us directions to a gas station road side rest (Ahijados). We walked though something like a cafeteria line to choose our lunches. I passed on the goat, because the lady said that it wasn’t picante. My choice of breaded deepfried pork wasn’t satisfying, though: it was still on the bone and mostly fat.  Joel had deep fried chicken cordon bleu. Mrs. Z had chicken with mushrooms, and Mr. Z had fish, I think. There was a girl woman making tortillas and toasting some of them for you to break up and eat with salsa. They also gave each table a woven bag full of soft tortillas to keep them warm. A bottle of non-alcoholic sangria washed it all down.
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