Wagner’s drive-in, that is…
The roads were shrouded in dense fog this morning when I drove to Central Seminary. Mrs. Bauder had asked if I would be willing to babysit while the new students and their wives sat through orientation. We ended up only having two kids for three hours. Mrs. Hauser offered to treat me to lunch, and suggested chili dogs at a drive-in diner in our neighborhood. Never one to refuse free food, I drove the KATmobile up 169 to hwy 81.
Morning had lifted the fog from the earth to cloud the skies that would pour out rain for most of the remainder of the day. We parked in the rather full parking lot, opting for the "dining room". If you like they’ll bring your order to your car.  The owner handed us two menus as we stood peering at the one that was posted above the counter. Mrs. Hauser already had her heart set on the aforementioned chili dog. It only took me a few moments to choose the bread-battered fried fish sandwich.  She had diet cola (Coke? Pepsi?) and I chose the $0.89 coffee since the weather didn’t exactly recommend a cool & creamy malt.
Perhaps there are 5 tiny tables in the diner. We chose the 4-seater by the entrance. Behind me, a German (?) woman sat with a styrofoam bowl of soup and two packets of crackers.  The man across the way asked her something about whether she had stopped in Rekjavik on her way to Munich…
AH! memories of Iceland and those lovely hot dogs!  The rain and the not-so-fancy fare reminded me of the bus station and Joel’s indulgence on our trip a few years ago.
Certainly, this is not the place to hold private conversation.  It would be fun to bring Joel sometime, though.
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